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Fluoroscopy Equipment

Fluoroscopy and angiography are special applications of X-ray imaging, where a fluorescent screen or image intensifier tube is connected to a closed-circuit television system, which allows real-time imaging of structures in motion or augmented with a radiocontrast agent.

Radiocontrast agents are administered, often swallowed or injected into the body of the patient, to help delineate anatomy such as the blood vessels, the genitourinary system or the gastrointestinal tract. Specific radiocontrast agents are used for specific types of evaluations; for example, barium in a suspension is administered into the gastrointestinal tract and imaged with fluoroscopy or radiography.

Radiocontrast agents, which strongly absorb X-ray radiation, in conjunction with the real-time imaging allows demonstration of dynamic processes, such as peristalsis in the digestive tract or blood flow in arteries and veins.


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