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United Medical Technologies Corp.
2196 Andrea Lane
Fort Myers, Florida 33912 - USA

Phone: 1-800-524-9729 or (239) 433-5332
Fax: (239) 433-3919

About United Medical Technologies Corp.

Technical Services: 
United Medical Technologies Corporation offers engineering services such as inspections, deinstallation, re-installation, applications training and service contracts in select regions of the United States.

Turn-Key Projects: 
Including arranging financing, shipping, installation, applications training, providing or assisting with service contracts and warranty service on many systems.

Consulting Services: 
Not sure of your exact equipment needs? We offer consulting services to determine exactly the right equipment for your facility so you can provide the best service for your patients. There is no fee for these services when you purchase from United Medical Technologies Corporation.

Joint Ventures / Partnerships: 
United Medical Technologies Corporation is interested in pursuing joint ventures and other partnerships with top quality physicians and diagnostic groups in the area of Diagnostic Imaging including MRI, CT Scanners and PET/CT Scanners. In the U.S. only. Not available Overseas.

Equipment Purchases: 
United Medical Technologies Corporation is interested in purchasing select Diagnostic Imaging Equipment. Please Contact Us with your equipment specifications.

Crating - Shipping domestic and worldwide:
United Medical Technologies Corporation provides custom wood crating for all international purchases, to insure that your equipment arrives safely. For transportation we use our experienced freight forwarders or we can work with your agent.