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Sell Your Radiology Equipment

Use our Web site to post your radiology and imaging equipment for sale. We buy and sell Bone Densitometers, C-Arms, Cath Labs, CT Scanners, Fluoroscopy Equipment, Mammography Equipment, MRI Equipment, Nuclear Medicine Equipment, Oncology Equipment, PET Scanners, Ultrasound Machines and X-Ray Equipment. 

Your ad will appear on this Web site immediately after approval from the web master. If you are serious about selling your equipment, include a nice picture. Size your photo so that neither the width or height exceeds 600 to 800 pixels. 

Please list your equipment below, filling in all the details so we may complete our evaluation. Please add in the "Additional Comments" box the new or replacement equipment you are considering. We often purchase a piece of equipment via specific request from a client. 

Call 1-800-524-9729 in the U.S. or (239)433-5332.


Upload a picture of your equipment if you are serious about selling! A picture is worth 1,000 words. Don't short change yourself! Let your picture do the talking. Remember, everyone looking at your ad will see your picture - take a good one and make sure it is oriented properly. ALSO, make sure the picture upload is a .jpg or a .gif. - other formats do not work. You may have to convert your current picture to one of these formats to meet our standards.

Simply press the "BROWSE" button and locate your best equipment picture on your computer hard drive. And don't forget, potential buyers want to see a picture of the real thing - YOUR EQUIPMENT - not a scanned beauty shot from a magazine advertisement!